#OctPoWriMo 21 – I was here

As it is becoming trickier this time of the month to keep coming up with poetic ideas that I can make into complete thoughts, I looked whole-heartedly at today’s prompt from OctPoWriMo.com and started scribbling. The prompt centered on the marks we leave upon the world, particularly physical marks such as prints. Since I spend a great deal of my day at a keyboard either working, playing or writing, it is here where I leave my most profound mark.







Fingerprints on my keyboard
Space bar worn smooth
Traces of my existence
The self I try to loose
In words of fiction written
In digital medium I save
My mindprint for others to view
My creativity they brave








Image Credit: http://bubblejam.net/content/2012/05/04/no-brainer/ (No origination mentioned)

#OctPoWriMo 20 – Writer’s Block

My mind is empty
Creativity has burned out
So throw in some ideas
Give out a shout

I’m floundering in my workroom
Sorting through old words
I start to write a verse or two
But they all come out as turds

I’ve turned on the TV
Walker Texas Ranger is shown
That’s it, I’m done, this show is crap
My mind is completely blown

So now I’m scribbling down this rant
And laughing at myself
I’m not going to throw in the towel
Or put the book back on the shelf

There are ideas still roaming free
Outside, inside, up a tree
So if you are still following me
You’ll see the moment my mind is set free!


Just 10 days left to go and I found myself completely out of juice this morning. Time to hit the trail and take a walk around the block. It’s a beautiful day outside!


#OctPoWriMo 19 – Found Poem

Found Poem

In a valley
Wise Master holds
A life immeasurable
Taught him
Greater understanding
If all the people
planned Rebuilding understanding
Culture holds more intrinsic value
Worth preserving
Safeguard traditions
Send the best contribution
Of a lifetime


This Found Poem is lifted from The Scottish Rite Journal, and inspired by the Day 18 prompt at OctPoWriMo. (Lots of sharpy fumes this morning. Whew!)























#OctPoWriMo 18 – Haiku

I’m hitting ya’ll up with a triple today. It’s Haiku time, our favorite 5-7-5 stanza about nature. My neighborhood critters are the focal points.



Cricket fiddles loud
A song metered in slow time
Cool weather seeps in



Cicadas sleep now
Autumn stillness permeates
A subtle silence



Spider weaves a web
Laced with ensnaring pale glue
To satisfy thirst



#OctPoWriMo 16 – The Street Outside

The Street Outside


On a rural street outside

A rattle-trap might pass by

Engine growling, belt squeaking




There are cracks in the asphalt

Potholes the size of dinner pates

Gouging tires and sending riders bouncing




On a rural street outside

A veteran scoots along with his walker

To a healthy hot lunch the VFW is serving




There are cracks in his face

Scars and wrinkles of harsh decades past

Sparking his eyes with orneriness for living






OctPoWriMo Challenge and  Ultimate Blog Challenge


#OctPoWriMo 15 – Colors

Colors of the Kitchen


Orange, brilliant squash

Roasted to soft perfection

Green, fragrant sage

Picked fresh from the garden

Yellow, true butter

Flavorful in the mix

Brown, spicy cinnamon

And nutmeg ground

Pale, kneaded dough

From which pockets are formed and filled

Blue, bright platter on which the meal is served

Painstakingly created by hand



Hand-made butternut squash ravioli and this prompt from http://www.octpowrimo.com/2014/10/day-13-color-your-world.html inspired this poem.