41 Writing Contests in January 2018 – No entry fees

Some of these have due dates right on the horizon – great if you have something in your back pocket, and others have a good month to write, edit, and polish something new. Go for it!


There are more than three dozen free writing contests in January 2018.¬†As always, every form and genre is represented. There are prizes fo…

Source: 41 Writing Contests in January 2018 – No entry fees


#OctPoWri Mo 31 – The End

October poetry has come to an end.
We’ll see you here next year again
While we spend another season
Attempting to put rhyme to reason.

(While I’m a little behind on posting the rest of this months poems, they’ll continue to appear. Check back soon!)

#OctPoWriMo 9 – Poet’s Stoop

Hot coffee, cold concrete.
The poet’s stoop on an October morning.
The suburban neighborhood is quiet on Sunday.
Some have gone off to the game,
Others to church,
Others languish in bed
Avoiding the chores
Like mowing the lawn a final round
Or washing last night’s dishes.
So the poet watches the world without them,
Where the birds fly and the leaves fall
And the sliver of moon smiles down in the daylight,
Sitting on the cold concrete
Sipping hot coffee.

#OctPoWriMo 5 – Summer Grasses

Summer grasses as high as my head
Seeds cast wide and ready to spread
In the wind stalks bow as one
The honored summer deed is done

Cicadas sing their chorus bold
Perched upon the strands of gold
The dark dragonfly horde amasses
Just above the summer grasses

I pass among Nature’s drifting motes
Pen in hand I make my notes
The easterly wind turns the weather vanes
The sun presses down as summer wanes

With a whisper, the summer grasses part
A rusty doe from hiding darts
Eyes wide, she catches sight of me
To the high summer grasses again does flee