#OctPoWriMo 8 – Weave a Wattle

To weave a wattle,
Twigs I collect.
Piled on my plot
As high as my neck.

To weave a wattle,
I cut them to length.
I stake out my plot.
They yield with my strength.

I weave a wattle
‘Round my garden to go
To contain the flowers;
Peas I will grow.

I weave a wattle.
A fence it will make.
When the garden is ready,
The fruit I will take.


#OctPoWriMo 6 – Term Paper

A fortnight spent in electronic stacks
Knowledge suspended in infinitesimal space
Awaiting my comprehension

My eyes are strained
My back bent over the keyboard
My fingers reel in spurts of madness

At first the struggle weighs
Upon my conscience
The idea sparks to life

Eagerness ensues
The weight shifts
The deadline nears

More coffee
More coffee
I shout

Alas the paper is due
I finish with a final stroke
Citations abound

#OctPoWriMo 5 – Summer Grasses

Summer grasses as high as my head
Seeds cast wide and ready to spread
In the wind stalks bow as one
The honored summer deed is done

Cicadas sing their chorus bold
Perched upon the strands of gold
The dark dragonfly horde amasses
Just above the summer grasses

I pass among Nature’s drifting motes
Pen in hand I make my notes
The easterly wind turns the weather vanes
The sun presses down as summer wanes

With a whisper, the summer grasses part
A rusty doe from hiding darts
Eyes wide, she catches sight of me
To the high summer grasses again does flee

#OctPoWriMo 2 – The Fog

The fog ahead obscures my view
Of horizon’s distant reach.
Behind me casts a golden hue,
my past brighter than my future.
This road is straight, a narrow path,
Two lanes of an unforgiving surface.
Painted lines prohibit one to stray.
On either side, the wildness grows,
snaking across this path I tread.
I wish the wildness would take me
Back to where I came from,
A child free to play with fairies and trees.
One free to make soup of rose petals and leaves.
One free to let mud pies to bake in the sun
Of a future not yet experienced.