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Authors: Don’t let your book hit the internet bookstores without professional proofreading!

Don’t let your reviewers point out the mistakes you missed. It’s embarrassing to see good writing marred by dozens of typos that could have been avoided. Help give self-published and indie authors a good name by publishing fewer mistakes.

The prices on editing can be intimidating, but you’ll make more money on a book that is clean and error-free. To avoid breaking the bank, rates start as little as $50 per novella (35,000 words). Payment plans are available. For a limited time, I’m offering authors reduced rates. Reserve your spot on my calendar ASAP!

Contact Bee-Edited for professional editing and proofreading.

Provide Bee-Edited with the first chapter, I’ll provide a quote. Your book will receive my focused attention to detail with a fresh perspective. It’s that simple.


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