41 Writing Contests in January 2018 – No entry fees

Some of these have due dates right on the horizon – great if you have something in your back pocket, and others have a good month to write, edit, and polish something new. Go for it!


There are more than three dozen free writing contests in January 2018.¬†As always, every form and genre is represented. There are prizes fo…

Source: 41 Writing Contests in January 2018 – No entry fees


#OctPoWri Mo 31 – The End

October poetry has come to an end.
We’ll see you here next year again
While we spend another season
Attempting to put rhyme to reason.

(While I’m a little behind on posting the rest of this months poems, they’ll continue to appear. Check back soon!)

#OctPoWriMo 17 – Strawberries

She turned her nose up at the berries
I had grown with my patience and toil.
They aren’t the same as the store-bought ones.
They are small, very small, and very red.

“But you love strawberries.
You eat them by the pint.”
“They don’t look right,” she refused,
Shaking her blonde head and scrunching her nose.

So I left the bowl on the counter,
A tangerine bowl filled with crimson fruit
Bright against the mottled brown stone.
I went outside to enjoy the shade of the porch and sip my wine.

Not to my surprise, my girl followed me out,
Bowl in hand and berries in her mouth,
Juice dribbling down her chin.
“I told you so.”

#OctPoWriMo 14 – Community Garden

A community of gardeners
Who can’t agree on gardening
They bicker about the bermudagrass
Fists at their sides hardening

And who keeps track of what is done
By whom and when and why
But half the gardeners never show
So is it worth a try

To make the gardeners understand
They need to do their part
Will the leaders step up soon
Like they should have from the start?

The grass needs mowed
The weeds need pulled
The mulch needs laid
The plants need culled

But no one sees it as their duty
To keep the garden looking neat
They come to meetings grudgingly
At the promise of a treat

A community of gardeners
Who struggle to join together
They bail on working Saturdays
At the slightest hint of weather