Dear Followers,

So, amidst the scribbling of poetry in October, I started to think once again about pursing my Master’s Degree in Library Science, something I had considered several years ago but just couldn’t make the logistics of work, kids, and traveling for weekend classes a viable reality.

But now is the time. I’m heading back. Given the deadline for the application, I abandoned my poetry challenge after Day 23 to focus on getting the application and all the supplemental bits submitted on time.

I’m rearranging my life in a few ways to make this happen, but I’m committed to seeing it all the way through.

Starting in December, one of those little rearrangements will likely be taking a hiatus from working on this blog. I may pop on from time-to-time to post about my progress or offer up some advice, but for the most part, this will be a quiet realm.

Thanks for following along.  See you soon.


Elizabeth N. Love


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