#OctPoWriMo 10-The Mermaid with Two Tails

The sun rises late after the equinox
In the morning when I set my sails.
After struggling to find the perfect socks,
I shout, “Thar be the whales!”
Into my ship, I make my way,
My balance both fore and aft fails.
Across the asphalt sea, we sway
On a quest to meet the mermaid with two tails.

My destination is away from the mental rocks.
Manufactured wind billows my sails.
Following the castaway zombie flocks,
Carefully evading pods of metal whales.
Welcoming, friendly faces greet the day.Their cheer at chores never fails.
In gratitude, I loudly say
“Praise be the mermaid with two tails!”

Form: Canzonetta


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