Road Trip Activity Books

ROAD TRIP time is coming and, when you spend long hours in the car, the kids need something to do. (You can make these for adults, too!)

Activities and coloring pages are available for all ages and interests, from your child’s favorite characters to educational activities for Math, Science, and Reading and Writing.

Kids’ Activity Books

Materials and what to do with them:

3-ring binders: 1/2″ to 1″ for ease, any color. Use the kind with the clear outer layer to slip in a cover. Create personalized covers for each child with suitable clip-art.

Attach a pen or pencil with string to one of the rings.

Slip-in Page Protectors: Collect Map, Tickets, Brochures, etc.

Slip-in page protectors: for collecting maps, ticket stubs, and travel info at rest areas, visitor centers, and fun stops.

Pencil bag to hold colored pencils or markers. I selected the Large All Purpose Zipper Bag by Cumberland Concepts to hold enough for two artists. Crayons will melt in a hot car, so you may not want to pack those in the car books.

Activities (a short list of places to look):

Download Junior Ranger booklets from the National Park Service. Great even if you aren’t heading to a National Park on your trip. If you are, the kids can get a head start on earning a Junior Ranger badge. There are different booklets for different parks.

Junior Ranger Motto

Educational Worksheets:

Coloring Pages:

(Downloads) (print straight from browser, lots to chose from)



Or search the internet for more amazing options. The sites listed above were the most user friendly and easy to navigate. I found many other sites with potential, but wading through ads and incorrect pathways made them less than ideal.

When you’re finished with one trip, you can take out the used pages and fill the book again with new activities!



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