2014 Bird List

As I’ve done for the last three years, I’ve begun to track my annual bird list. I’ll update this list every few days with my newest bird finds, including locations.


1. Immature Bald Eagle – Eudora, KS, Kansas River 2-7-2014
2. Swainson’s Hawk – K-10 Roadside near nest south of highway in DeSoto
3. Red-Tailed Hawk – K-10 Roadside between DeSoto and Eudora
4. Kestral – K-10 Roadside
5. Northern Cardinal – Backyard
6. Dark-eyed Juncos – Backyard
7. Blue Jay – Backyard.  As of 4/30, a pair is nesting in our backyard tree and double-teaming to chase off squirrels
8. American Crow – a common visitor
9. Wild Turkeys – I-70 Roadside, Kansas
10. Canada Geese – Resting in field, Kansas Roadside
11. Song sparrow – Front yard
12. Rock Pigeon – under K-10 overpass, DeSoto
13. American Robin – Eudora neighborhood
14. Eastern Bluebird – 95th Street Park
15. Ring-billed Gull – Over Miller Park
16. Western Meadowlark – I-70 outside Topeka
17. Golden Eagle – I-70 just outside Emporia perched in tree by roadside.  Too big to be a hawk and completely dark brown. AWESOME!!!!
18. Ferruginous Hawk – I-35 closer to El Dorado, the eastern edge of their range according to the maps.


19. Black-capped Chickadee – backyard feeder
20. Grackle – first of the season and soon the yard with fill up with these noisy critters.
21. Rosette Spoonbil – Florida Roadside (3/14/14)
22. White Ibis – Florida Roadside, Disney lagoon
23. Great Blue Heron – Florida Ponds
24. Snowy Egret
25. Great Egret
26. White Pelican
27. Broad-winged Hawk – high-wire act in Florida
28. American Coot – Orlando
29. Mottled Duck – Orlando
30. Tree Sparrow
31. Mallard Duck
32. Double-crested Cormorant – Florida
33. Northern Flicker (red-shafted) – Backyard DeSoto. (They only come to my yard in March)


34. Red-bellied Woodpecker – backyard visitor. They love crushed sunflower seed kernels
35. Barred Owl – Big surprise as it flew out of my backyard past the front and across the street while I took out the trash.
36. Red-winged Blackbird – heard before I saw on the roadside.
37. Goldfinch – loudly singing in the only tree remaining in my small yard (4/18/14)
38. Hairy Woodpecker – dining at the neighbors bird feeder
39. Franklin Gulls – Flock migrating eastward over my house.
40. Purple Martin – Eudora farm pond and bird hotel
41. Eastern Meadowlark – I live on the border where both Eastern and Western Meadowlarks reside.  The song is what differentiates one from the other.
42. Northern Mockingbird – Vacillating through two dozen songs, drowning out other birds from the corner of my yard.
43. Chipping Sparrow – Visits my patio for seed.
44. Yellow-rumped Warbler – what was unclear in the evening light is brilliantly clear this morning as he revisits my boxelder trees, feasting on green caterpillars. (4/26/14)
45. Brown Thrasher – cleaning up suet crumbs and rolly pollies
46. Coopers Hawk – viewing my backyard from a neighbors tree (4/27)
47. Yellow Warbler – He arrived to hang out with his yellow-rump friend, who has been here for 3 days now. (4/29)
48. Baltimore Oriole


49. Gray Catbird – eating from the compost pile (5/1)
50. House Wren – Eudora yard in front of an old church become private home.
51. Red-shouldered Hawk -Sunflower Nature Park
52. Tree Swallow – DeSoto east
53. Scissor-tail Flycatcher
54. Rudy- throated Hummingbird -Overland Park Botanical Gardens (5/11)
55. Forster’s Tern – Migration
56. Horned Lark – Eudora sandy road-side
57. Killdeer – my faithful railroad-side companions of summer
58. Eastern Kingbird
59. Western Kingbird (5/17/14)
60. Brown-headed Cowbird
61. Indigo Bunting – A pair, male and female, and two males chasing each other from tree to tree.
62. Orchard Oriole – Belting out a tune in the backyard tree and making sure he stays just covered enough to make sight identification tricky.  (5/25/2014)
63. Tufted Titmouse
64. Immature Barred Owl – If I hadn’t sat down on the bench to listen tot he myriad bird calls on the cool morning, I never would have spotted this creature perched high in a tree. His back was to me, but when my phone made a “whoop” tone, his beady eyes focused on me and we watched each other for about 30 minutes. Kill Creek Streamway Trail 5/26/2014 9 am.
65. Yellow-billed Cuckoo – Sunflower Nature Park (5/28/14)
66. Field Sparrow – heard rather than seen
67. Dickcissel – Sunflower Nature Park (5/29/2014) While the appearance is spot on, ours don’t sing the same exact call.


68. Eastern Phoebe
69. Barn Swallow
70. Cattle Egret – Wichita Area (6/7)
71. Wood Duck
72. Black-Crowned Night Heron – Nesting in the Trees (6/7)
73. Black Vulture – Ohio (6/12)
74. Common Raven – Massachusetts (6/14)
75. Song Sparrow – Cape Cod (6/15)
76. Great Black-backed Gull
77. Sooty Shearwater – Spotted on open water with the Humpbacked Whales, Northern Atlantic (6/18)
78. Laughing Gull
79. Herring Gull
80. Common Tern
81. Mute Swan
82. Bank Swallow
83. Fish Crow
84. Osprey – Over our rental house, three cried out at each other two were caring large fish
85. Carolina Wren (6/20)
86. Chimney Swift
87. Cliff Swallow
88. Red-headed Woodpecker (Iowa Rest Stop, 6/25)
89. Black-tailed Gull
90. Northern Bob-White (7/5) Highway 59


91. White-breasted Nuthatch (95th street Streanway Park)
92. Winter Wren
93. Orange-crowned Warbler


Birding Resources

iBird Pro Universal App – for a variety of mobile devices including iPad, iPhone, Android, and Kindle.

All About Birds by Cornell Lab of Ornithology – search for birds and identify with photos and songs, as well as articles and birding tips

eNature.com – On-line field guides for birds, insects, plants and other wildlife.


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