#OctPoWriMo 20 – Asphalt

Hard and rough against my feet
Hot in the summer sun
Cool in the shade of gray autumn clouds
Cold in the icy winter
Wet in the spring rain
The sum of its parts
Once molten tar
And incongruent sizes of gray gravel
Plied into pavement

Cracks form through the seasons
Forced open by ice
Heated by the fiery sun
Eroded by pressure
Flowing water deposits silt
Silt traps windblown seeds
And the cracks become miniature gardens
For the tiny creatures
The ants and beetles and roly-poly bugs
A microcosm



Only 11 more poems to go for this month, then it’s off to #NaNoWriMo – And I haven’t a clue what novel I want to start this year.



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