#OctPoWriMo 15 – Cable Guy

Cable Guy, my Cable Guy,
Whyfore you fail to fix my internet?
Four times I call,
Four days with dicey connection.
The agonizing ache of dropped speed.
My tiny dagger doth stab the reset
Over and over only to dash my hopes.
Is the line working? Wi-fi, are you alive?
Speak to me! Put forth a breath!
Alas, I watch you die before me,
Arise and die once more.
Hark! Who cometh to my door?
Two more. Two with vast knowledge.
These sorcerers stare incredulous at
The steaming pile of tech left behind by another.
Work your magic. Find the cure.
Save my internet, I implore you!


Note: I’ll let you guess how I spent part of my day.

9 thoughts on “#OctPoWriMo 15 – Cable Guy

  1. I am sorta quietly happy to hear that people all over the world have cable maladies 😛 We just got ours fixed after weeks of watching chopped heads and breaking voices (I live in India)

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