#OctPoWriMo 8 – Vessel of Your Poetry

Vessel for this thinker
Evolving inner soul
Searching for the answers
Searching for the questions
Eloping with the muses
Lighting the path with words

Our souls are spilled upon
Floors of doubt and waver
Yonder souls may lack praise
Of our logic and lines
Uncertainty must be
Rejected and resigned

Pen and ink do restore
Our word-loving spirits
Essence of our beings
Those who brave the ‘verses
Reaching out with cadence
Your love of writing known


Notes: Based upon the Spirit’s Vessel form created by Christina R Jussaume, with inspirational or spiritual content. In this case I offer inspiration for all writers. In line 16, the apostrophe is deliberate, giving “verses” multiple meanings, including the universe, the multi-verse, and the subverse, as well as written verse.

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