#OctPoWriMo 5 – Her Shoes, My Shoes


Her shoes:
These little skiffs are light, unladen.
She flitters and darts like a tern.
She dives into the waters of the normal
And streaks out again.
Her own way, her own thoughts.
Her feet sail on favorable winds.

My shoes:
These boats are waterlogged.
They’ve motored many miles,
Some waters choppier than others.
Sometimes I thought I would sink.
These shoes are battered and storm-worn
And struggle to rise above the pressure of the waves.


Notes: My daughter snapped this photo completely by happenstance while playing with my phone. I sometimes find a hundred new photos of randomness in the photo files, especially when the device protests that it is out of memory. I save many of them, and sometimes they summon inspiration.


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