French Silk Pie

With technical difficulties.

I make pies from scratch. Those who know me personally understand that I am a bit of a baking snob.  I don’t like mixes. I don’t like refrigerated pre-made stuff when at all avoidable. (I do sometimes use them for certain recipes, particularly my husband’s comfort food recipes that cannot be altered, so he thinks.)

We were planning on heading over to the in-laws for a little pre-Independence day family fun time. We were only responsible for dessert, so I decided to make a few pies. Chocolate Chip pie was easy and ready the night before.

My daughter “helped” me with the pie crust. I let her put in the flour and use the pastry cutter. Then I let her roll out her own small pieces with a tiny wooden rolling pin while I did the real work. I baked two shells and let them cool overnight.

The next morning I started on the lemon filling for lemon meringue. Sugar, egg yolks, lemon juice and cornstarch cooked into a pudding. Then I whipped up the meringue, making extra because I wanted a lot on top of my pie.

My third choice for the day’s enjoyment was french silk.  I sorted through different recipes, as there are at least a dozen variations. I wanted something that was going to taste similar to Tippin’s French Silk pie (which they’ve now discontinued due to the price of eggs), so I selected a recipe where a softball chocolate mixture is folded with whipped cream to create a fluffy, silky filling.

I had just enough of our favorite glass-bottle heavy cream that needed to be used up that day. I started whipping the cream in a small bowl. The cream started to stiffen, coming closer to yummy goodness – and then skipped completely to chunky butter and liquid stage. Nothing inbetween. I didn’t have enough to start over, so I stirred this into the chocolate mixture and whisked it smooth. Pouring this into the pie crust, I hoped that it would taste good enough to eat.

Turns out, when topped with some fluffy whipped cream, that pie is delicious! Rich and delicious. The chocolate is silky and smooth and the crust was flaky. Now I have to replicate the mishap the next time.

Chocolate Pie


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