I have finally finished penning and editing book number two in the Bona Dea novels series entitled Army of the Goddess. It’s off in the publisher’s hands at this very moment and will soon be graced with a cover and formatted for “printing.” Hooray! and Whew! Hopefully the final review won’t take too long and everyone will be able to read it.

Now it’s time to focus on a new idea that’s been skittering around in my brain for the past several months, something completely different (before I get to work on book number three of the Bona Dea novels to conclude Axandra’s adventure with the Stormflies).  I’ve been keeping notes along the way of several possible stories, both paranormal and sci-fi.

Probably entitled The Antique Rose, this new Work In Progress is set in New England at a village bed and breakfast and involves a young couple, an elderly widowed innkeeper, and a spirit. Several thousand words have already been penned in the draft, toying with the character’s backstories and the sequence of events. I’ve even done a bit of research into ghosts, garden herbs, and magnetic fields … so I’ll let that sink in about where this story might be going.

Tonight, I’ll toast myself with a celebratory Bee’s Knees Cocktail, after ballet and taekwondo for the kids. Cheers!


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