Writer’s Block

Ironically, I am sitting in my rocking chair staring at a blank piece of paper wondering what I am going to write for my tenth Spotlight blog. On my regular blog, I write about whatever appeals to me that day and the topics range across a number of interests, both silly and serious. Since this is the Spotlight Author Blog, I am drawing a blank.

So I text my sister and explain that I’m stumped. I love my sister. I wish we lived closer than 1400 miles apart, then we could have these conversations over homemade margaritas. We’d be making sarcastic remarks and laughing until our sides hurt.

She suggests “Writer’s Block.”

Well, duh. That fills in the blank, doesn’t it.

Writer’s Block

I don’t see it so much as a blockage of the creativity. A block implies that there is a flood behind the obstacle and that eventually the obstacle will break down or be washed away. This sounds somewhat painful; at least, that’s been my experience with blockages (i.e. kidney stones—Youch!!!)

In my mind, it feels more like an absence, an empty room that needs to be filled in. The Vacancy sign is on, flashing its neon characters begging for a resident. And once the resident appears, there is the greatest sense of anticipation, then a spreading relief as a new idea and the words to create it settle in for a stay.

In a fit of so-called “writer’s block,” I stare into the background, unfocused, my inner eye seeking a picture, a word, a sound, something in my gray matter that will germinate and spring forth like the fabled magic bean. My eyes may cast around the room like I’m looking for something in the physical world, but I’m seeing nothing there, not while my internal self is so desperate. Something? Anything? The doors are wide open! There’s cable TV!

If nothing comes after ten minutes of searching, it’s time to make a move. Time to get up, get moving. The best remedy is a brisk walk outside. Open up the windows and air out the linens. With the Spring Equinox behind us and temperatures on the rise, this is a more likely scenario. But back in the winter months, with temperatures in the range of super-chill, this was only recommended for yetis. Instead it was clean the house. (Oh no! Not that!) Or hop on the treadmill and watch The Universe DVDs.

Sometimes I turn to drawing. With a cup full of pencils and Sharpies, I can spend a solid hour or two scribbling and sketching, experimenting with colors and contrasts, refining a piece of art. At times like these, it isn’t a complete absence of creativity that’s causing the problem, just the medium desired by this spiritual manifestation of my soul. The guests want to switch rooms to get a better view of the countryside. They are welcome to any open suite, as long as they offer an exchange.


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