#NaPoWriMo #4-Blight



Little offering of culture given
Among the simple minds of town.
Rarely are the townsfolk driven
Farther than the eastern border down

Along the ancient red rocky bluffs,
Where drunken frays fill the night.
Interests beyond the carnal sloughed,
Trapped they are by the cerebral blight.

Their futures travel a predictable line,
Marriage, children, debt, regret.
Their future failures are not mine.
I seek to escape the impending threat

To my striving, curious spirit.
They will drown it out of me.
If you remain you might hear it,
The choking, sputtering melee.

Abandoning this dim, desert place
I seek glowing sun upon my face.

Beware the burn of too strong a light.
Beware the creeping of the blight.


Straight and Narrow Way-Gerry Dincher


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