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Twitter is a beast. We all know this, and we probably all wish that in some way it would be less intimidating and overwhelming. If you are, however, one of those people that love this beast, congratulations and… you must be crazy.

While floundering around on this massive forum of promos, thanks, retweets, and partial conversations (we won’t talk about the porn and the #followback competitions), I have discovered a few helpful items that let me know if my efforts are making any impact out in the virtual world.

First of all, it has been pointed out by several other bloggers and tipsters that you need to tweet about yourself frequently, even as you are retweeting and supporting your fellow authors, artists, and business owners. Retweets are a way to say thank you if someone has mentioned or retweeted one of your tweets. A retweeter may come looking to your profile to find a suitable post to pass on and it’s best to have one close to the top for their convenience. I suggest using the “Pin to Profile Page” option. This keeps your favorite tweet front and center and ready for retweeting. However, do remember to change this tweet out every few days to keep it up-to-date and retweetable.

If you want to know the popularity of any tweet, visit “Analytics.” You will be taken to a new tab showing you all of your most recent tweets, along with how many people each reached and if anyone clicked-thru a link, opened your profile, or expanded the details.

When it comes to followers, everyone thinks the more the merrier. To get followers, you must follow others (unless you are a famous celebrity like Steve Martin  or Patrick Stewart). You have undoubtedly seen the profiles that are fake, selling followers in batches of 1000s for the price of a decent steak dinner. Avoid these. Buying followers does nothing to help your cause, whatever it may be.

As you gain followers, you will notice it is impossible to keep up with tweets. No one can keep up with them when they arrive in the amount of a dozen every second. Don’t even try or you’ll spend every waking moment flipping through your feed. Limit your time on Twitter to just a few minutes twice a day, long enough to write a tweet, retweet five people, and catch up on a couple of followers and followees.

Don’t tweet the same thing all the time.  If you are using Twitter for marketing purposes, sprinkle your marketing with other interesting stuff, such as articles about your favorite subject or industry related tidbits.

I have found that I have certain people I follow that I simply mute. I’m still following them and can access their profile when I wish to, but I’m not constantly bombarded by tweets.

Hope these are helpful, and good luck taming the beast!




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