6 Reasons I Love Big Hero 6

After watching Big Hero 6 movie six times in three days, I’ve grown very fond of the story and it’s characters. Here’s a brief rundown of my favorite bits:

  • Fred. Just Fred. I mean, who doesn’t want to be a free-spirited mascot with dreams of being a fire-breathing monster? “But that’s not science.”
  • Robots. I want microbots to clean my house, and a Baymax to take care of the kids’ booboos. I really want microbots.
  • Wind Turbines. The floating wind turbines above the city of San Fransokyo are an awesome solution to the energy crisis. Someone invent these, please! I also love that they are decorated like koi. Nice touch.
  • Conflict. Disney storytellers have become the masters of pulling the heartstrings with personal loss and conflict. If you didn’t scream at the movie about how unfair the world is (TWICE!), you don’t have a heart. Damn them.
  • Fall Out Boy. Immortals is the perfect anthem for the upgrade montage of Hiro building superhero suites. Their songs are always poignant and striking. This is no exception.
  • The Nerds. The whole gang from the robotics lab made a great ensemble. Smart and funny. I love it when my children get to see smart on the screen.BIG HERO 6





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