Las Vegas Vacation-Day 3

With just hours to go before the plane ride home, we ordered a hearty breakfast at the Grand Lux Cafe. I’m a huge fan of biscuits and gravy (as long as the biscuits are crunchy on the outside and not Pillsbury-like refrigerator dough) so I went with their vision of this standard dish. This included an egg sunny-side up and a base of fried potatoes at the bottom. The biscuits were just the way like them and the combination made a great start to the day. We passed around a basket of beignets and sauces like dessert.

Not wanting to stray too far from our luggage, we decided just to wander the Grand Canal Shoppes that bridged the Palazzo and the Venetian. Not that we couldvenetian afford anything offered by these purveyors, but we enjoyed looking at the art and products like we were in a museum.

Peter Lik is a photographer known for selling the most expensive photograph of all time: Phantom sold for $6.5 million. A gallery of his works drew our attention and we admired the specially processed and framed prints. While they appeared to be lit from behind, they actually reacted to front lighting in a peculiar way. An image of the setting sun behind a solitary tree grew dark when the lights were lowered, just as though the sun was setting in video. These images of landscape and architecture were simply amazing.

We passed by a hat shop along the way and dove in to try on hats of varying styles. I’m lucky that I look good in hats. Offering everything from wicker to wool, brimmed fedoras to veiled fascinators to felt flappers, I was intrigued to find a line of Steampunk hats center stage, complete with bullets, lace, pistols, and vials in the hatbands. Ignoring the “Please ask for assistance before handling hats in this collection,” I tried on a top hat of black silk and six-inch wide white lace.

Bauman Rare Books gave us a glimpse into history, displaying first edition copies of works throughout the ages, including modern novels only a few years old and going back to Shakespeare’s folios.

We browsed through mammoth ivory and jade netsukes, bronzed mermaid statues, and Lladro ceramic figurines.

Finally we stopped for lunch at I Heart Burger and shelled out an awesome sum for bison burgers and sweet potato fries.

Our final Vegas win came in the form of hitting the Pre-check security line at the airport and having our plane depart on time to head back home to the freezing cold temperatures and snow fall of the Kansas City International Airport.


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