February 16th through 22nd, this sci-fi short story collection is available at the reduced price of 99 cents! Save $2 off the regular price for these highly-rated stories. The ebook collection includes Far-Seer, Through a Window, Nearly Perfect, Zana’s Heart, and The Last Egg, complete with introductions to each story by the author. Illustrations by the author illuminate the “pages.”  This selection is also available in paperback on Amazon.com

Far-Seer was originally entered in the Science Fiction Writers of Earth competition in 2001, where it earned 5th Place in over 230 international entries. In the same competition in different years, The Last Egg and Nearly Perfect ranked within the top ten.

I enjoy writing short stories because of the challenge in completing a full-fledged adventure in as few pages as possible. Short stories force the writer to chose words very carefully to convey the meaning and mood they are trying to convey, and the satisfaction in doing so is tremendous. Writing short stories is a different art than writing a full-length novel. You have to achieve character development, plot development, and resolution within 10,000 words or less – sometimes as little as 1500 words. I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I enjoyed writing them.

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