You Might be a Band Geek…



You might be a Band Geek if…

…you inadvertently call your kid’s soccer practice a “rehearsal”

…when you hear your school’s fight song, you sing your instrument’s part

…you sing your kids to sleep with the alma mater or the Star-Spangled Banner

…you cringe when someone sings off key

…you yell at the TV whenever you hear the Star-Spangled Banner sung in 4/4 time

…you get excited to see a marching band in a music video

…you play a variety of air-instruments beside air guitar: air saxophone, air trumpet, air flute, etc., and you do so whenever a pep band song comes on the radio

…you easily fall into step with whomever you walk

…you can swap stories with band geeks anywhere


What are your band geek habits?


Photo: ©Elizabeth N. Love
University of Kansas Marching Jayhawks
2014 Heart of America Marching Festival

Please ask permission before using this photo



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