A Year in Review

fireworksHappy New Years Eve!

We’ll start with a brief summary of what I learned:

  • Some people have no logic. I’ve learned this before, but it just keeps showing up.
  • Don’t agree to review exchanges. I usually end up with the short end of the draw.
  • My metabolism isn’t what it used to be.
  • Even genetically related children can be completely different (again, I knew this, but I am recognizing it again).
  • Soy is in nearly everything. It’s cheap and accessible, but if you have soy allergy or intolerance, life is a lot more complicated.
  • I can make time to read.
  • I can make time to write.
  • My husband thinks I’m hard to buy for; I think he’s hard to buy for.
  • Crowdtap is awesome for getting free stuff.
  • Swagbucks is awesome for getting free gift cards for Amazon.
  • Amazon Prime is totally worth the money.
  • The Kansas City, Kansas, Post Office has a thing against delivering my chocolate order correctly.
  • Purples are my new favorite colors. (Prior to this, purple was unwanted since it was the color of the college rival school. Far beyond that now.)
  • I have channeled both my mother and father in my housework.
  • Settlers of Catan is a fun game.
  • Without evolution, we wouldn’t have many medicines or biochemical products we use daily.
  • A lot of people can keep a secret for several months. Considering the people in this case, I’m very surprised by this.
  • I naturally knew more about the art of rhetoric than I realized.
  • If your beliefs about something are weak, you are more likely to be upset when someone challenges you.
  • There are only 4 bird lineages in the entire world (these four lineages survived the last mass extinction event). All existing birds stem for those 4 lineages.
  • The past has happened. The future hasn’t.


And let’s celebrate what I accomplished:

  • I wrote 32 poems in 31 days in October (I didn’t quite make one per day, but I made up for the 2 days I missed.
  • I completed 50,000 words for a non-fiction novel in November. A heart-wrenching 50,000 words.
  • I had 4 poems accepted for publishing in various anthologies and on various sites.
  • I read over 32 books in 2014
  • I completed 3 MOOCs – Sci-Fi Literature, Evolution, and Rhetorical Composition
  • I started my own small business to supplement my incoming – Bee-Edited.com


And my goals for new year…?

  • Publish 3 new books in 2015 (I have 8 open ideas, so this shouldn’t be hard, right?)
  • Work on my poetry skills
  • Make more time for writing and reading
  • Read 40 books in 12 months
  • Keep signing up for MOOCs (4 coming up) – Paleobiology, Australian Lit, Galaxies and Cosmology, and Astrobiology and the Search for ETL



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