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Please welcome a guest post from Rochelle Carter, author of Authorpreneurship and the Spotlight author of December for Rave Reviews Book Club.

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The future of self-publishing


Self-publishing movement forces authors to think beyond the written page

The number of self-published books released in 2012 jumped more than 59 percent over 2011, totally more than 391,000 titles, according to an Oct. 9, 2013, statement from Bowker. Of that total, 40 percent were eBooks, the majority of which were released with publishing support from companies such as Smashwords and CreateSpace.

Bowker, which provides services for small publishers and independently-published authors, analyzed the self-publishing market and found that many self-pubbed authors identified marketing as one of the most significant challenges, even those authors with multiple releases. Bowker’s researBook Cover ch found that many authors are hiring experts to help them overcome such shortfalls or investing in their careers in other ways.

“The most successful self-publishers don’t view themselves as writers only, but as business owners,” said Beat Barblan, Bowker Director of Identifier Services.

This dual-role dynamic for self-published writers has become known as “authorpreneurship.” It is a concept gaining more and more attention, in part because of the increasing viability of self-publishing.

“New technology has opened up a host of exciting new professions—the most fulfilling of which for many people is that of becoming an authorpreneur,” said Ellechor Publishing House author and business owner Bill Pottle. “Yet, it’s not easy. In order to make it, you need hard work and good advice.”

Authors, whether traditionally or self-published, need to take ownership of their writing careers and consider the full whole of their career and plan it out from beginning to end so they can be successful.

The plethora of options available to authors in today’s publishing industry brings an equal number of opportunities to succeed…or fail. Self-published authors willing to become authorpreneurs significantly increase their chances of achieving career success than authors to remain intimidated by the evolving publishing model.


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7 thoughts on “Rochelle Carter-Spotlight Author

  1. Another informative post. I like that word, authorpreneurship, and how true it is in today’s world of self-publishing. I’ve seen other indie authors in other places talk about their lack of success, but all they’ve done is publish their book, then expect all the sales to come in. They don’t market it at all. A sure sign to failure.

  2. Very Helpful post, Rochelle! I can relate well to everything you’re saying here – I’m like a lot of Indie author/publishers in that marketing doesn’t come easily to me, but I’m learning! Thanks for hosting today, Elizabeth!

  3. I agree with you all, writing the book, is the easy part! Marketing, building your brand, sustaining a presence are ultimately the most important things you should focus on. The work is hard but the rewards are great. Get off your hiney and make some things happen. Join us at Rave Reviews Book Club where the journey is made a whole lot easier when your in the company of those who are truly supportive of you and your efforts. Thanks for the host, Liz!

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