Poem of the Past

As I was once again cleaning out drawers, hoping to declutter and make room for other items of more importance, I discovered several bits of paper I’ll stripped from old notebook in an earlier purge, disposing of the junk I’d written in my early years and holding onto a few mementos of bygone years.

This is a sonnet, an early attempt at poetry written when I was about twelve years old.

Daydreamer’s Sonnet

To wander by the river that so flows,
Take time to sit and gaze up at the sky.
The wind that chills and thrills you as it blows
Takes feathered friends and lifts them way up high

My mind takes flight and soars along with them.
Mine eyes are filled with light that streams from sun.
The daylight star shows like a shining gem,
And I feel like a fighter who has won.

A lonely traveler on the sandy shore,
I watch the fishes swim beneath the clear.
I pause to drop the petals in by four
And gaze at my reflection in the mirror.

I daydream when it suites me fair and smile
And wish I should stay in my mind awhile.

©Colton Witt
©Colton Witt





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