#NaNoWriMo Update – 2

Now that we’ve ended the second week – Day 14! – of NaNoWriMo 2014, I am proud that I’ve reached the 25,000 word mark right on schedule.

On Monday, I took a day off from other duties (day job, house cleaning, etc.) just to stay home and write. I poured out over 5000 new words, and then began to dig into old places where I had written down notes throughout the years, including my Facebook page, where I had written about Grandmother spider and the hospital, in order to further my memories.  I’m glad I made such notes, because the details I remember now have shifted from what I remembered then.

Throughout this journey so far, I’m amazed at the minute, almost trivial actions, expressions, and words that I can recall, while I flounder among my mental file cabinets to remember the details for moments that I know were important. I ponder if one day human memory will improve to be like that of a machine, with instant, exact recall–and I realize such enhanced brains would probably be plagued with viruses and operator errors that misplace those files from time to time.

I am also planning on inserting at least two of the poems I wrote last month during #OctPoWriMo. These poems will add texture to the work.DSCN2263

I jumped around quite a bit in the chapters, because as I write about one thing, I’m reminded of something before or after and hurry to get that written down. There is no chronological order to the flow of memory. Everything just exists together in the same space-time of my gray matter.

As I continue down the path of this non-fiction, I realize that there are many legal considerations I must work through. Unlike fiction, where everything is made up and therefore a lawsuit would be improbable for any libel or slander, a non-fiction story of this type is fraught with statements that could be seen to have a negative impact upon some local establishments. So, I am looking at my options on how to proceed once this reaches the publishing stage.

I am also searching for the best picture from our Sydney archive to grace the cover. Gladly, I took hundreds to help me remember. I haven’t looked at these in a while.




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