Why I Voted

votedI voted because . . .

When a senator no longer visits his own state, he’s out of touch with his constituents.

It’s time to fire some politicians for doing a lousy job.

Our educators and our schools need funding or our children will lose in life.

People deserve equal treatment because they are human, regardless of color, gender, or any other trait.

I have a right and a responsibility to give my opinion.

Just because I have a uterus doesn’t mean anyone else can tell me what I can and can’t do with it.

The culture of violence must stop.

People deserve to feel safe and secure.

I want my political leaders to do what is right for the majority of the people, not the minority putting cash in their pockets.

We need to fix our planet.

We need to change – in ways more numerous than I can even begin to list.


Don’t miss your opportunity to make changes or to keep what’s working.

Small changes now mean bigger changes in the future.

Why did you vote?



One thought on “Why I Voted

  1. We agree with you completely. A vote is an opportunity to make a difference and change. We’re standing up for equality and voting is absolutely essential for us voicing our views. Thanks for doing the same!

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