#NaNoWriMo Update No. 1

So far, it has not started out like I expected. I spent the weekend fighting with the internet service, which has decided not only to be intermittent, but to crap out completely. Not even a glimmer of activity. While on the phone with the service provider, I was first told we had an outage in our area, so when they sent they automated call-back through that the outage was cleared, I was hopeful to be rolling again. In the meantime, I read from my copy of Scouting the Reaper (soon to be reviewed on Writerbee’s Book Reviews) and scribbled notes for my novel while at the same time hosting a play date for my son with a friend of his after the basketball clinic ended.

However, the service did not resume, so I quickly called back to explain that my modem did not show any activity, and of course I had already reset it numerous times, both wired and wireless, to verify this. I understand they get calls from some less tech savvy individuals, but trust me, I try all of these things first rather than talk to their customer service reps. The rep attempted to correct the issue remotely, and then decided a technician would need to come to the house. It’s already Saturday afternoon, so the next available appointment is Tuesday between 5 and 7 pm. Now I have to fit this in between ballet class and a cub scout meeting. At this juncture, I firmly point out that this is the 2nd time I’ve called in two weeks, and the forth time (at least, probably more) I’ve called this year. The service is expensive and unreliable. I will be seeking out other alternatives.

Apparently these comments have prompted them to work harder. They are attempting to correct the problem remotely, and I’ve received two further calls asking to check if the service is on again, which it is not. My guess is that the new modem they installed in June is faulty and needs replaced, which they probably should have done in September when they were at the house for the last service call. The trouble with the reps and the techs is that there doesn’t seem to be any standard procedure. They perform different tests and solutions every time.

This morning, after waking up at 5 am (involuntarily) and dealing with terminal insomnia again, I pulled out my laptop to work on the project. As I typed about a rainy day in September of 2009, I could not keep from crying. I think I will have to use my saved up vacation days from the day job to work on the saddest parts of the story, away from any interruption or intervention.

I have managed to write 2500 words so far, well below the necessary average to reach 50,000 on time, but I plan to make up for it this week, hopefully with some form of internet service at my house!

An Excerpt

The ultrasound tech slathered my bulging abdomen with luke-warm conductive gel and rapidly slid the sensor wand back in forth in preparation for the detailed scan. A dim lamp gave the technician enough to work by, but the rest of the room was dim, highlighting the flat screen monitor mounted in the upper corner facing the exam couch.

My husband and my son, 5 years old and getting ready to start kindergarten, found optimal locations in the room for watching the screen. We were excited, as most parents are when they get to see their baby for the first time. This was a routine ultrasound, just like we had when I was pregnant the first time.

Mind you, I always felt nervous at the doctor’s office, no matter why I was there. The nervousness manifested itself as a tightness in my belly and a quiver that coursed up and down my body multiple times.


2 thoughts on “#NaNoWriMo Update No. 1

  1. It is so frustrating to deal with things like that. We have all on AT&T and have to call them for help sometimes, which of course they try the remote fix. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, and I am not tech savvy at all, so they’ll send out someone…but days later! Well, hope all is back to working good soon! Keeping good thoughts for you on your Nanowrimo writing.

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