#OctPoWriMo 23 – War Stories





War Stories

When he talked about it
Out of the blue
I listened carefully to his words

The war was decades old
In his mind
And he had stories to tell

Missiles slipped off incoming planes
Scraping across the deck
He leapt out of the way

He cleaned up the messes
Left behind
When the hull was struck

A man walked into a propeller blade
On purpose
He cleaned the deck of blood

He only spoke of it one time
To me
Only one time


In memory of my father who served in WWII on board the USS Lexington while he was still a teenager. (He got into the Navy early by lying about his age. He was an orphan and needed a place to live and 3 squares.) He used to tell stories about visiting Hawai’i and other shores, humorous tales of shore leave. I only heard one time any stories of battle or life aboard the ship.



5 thoughts on “#OctPoWriMo 23 – War Stories

  1. Walked into a propeller blade… wow! Such strength it must have taken your father to have to clean up the effects of that. What a beautiful poem to honor him. And your post made me think of my time in Hawai’i… such a magical place.

    1. I remember Dad described him as a “tuner” – someone who used their ears (perfect pitch, perhaps?) to tune the plane engines. He insisted the guy knew the plane was there, so it wasn’t just an accident. He saw the entire thing happen.

      I haven’t been to Hawai’i yet – it’s on my list of places to go!

  2. Such a scary period and I’ve heard so many fellas lied about their age to get in – my father was too young for this war – and did join in lying about his age for the Korean War! Oh Dear!!

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