#OctPoWriMo 14 – Machines

Machines, Minds, Ghosts  (Tritina)

When the world is ruled by Machines
Our emotional countenance lost among cyborg minds
Humans may be nothing but ghosts

Already our concern for each other fades like ghosts
Our eyes and fingers the links with the Machines
Sterile, gullible masses of hive-like minds

Will cyborgs understand unhindered minds
Will religion become the worship of a Machine
Will cyborgs understand the grief of ghosts

The more we give to machines, the more we lose of our free minds, the more we become like ghosts.



The tritina is composed of 3 tercets and a final line that stands alone. Like the sestina, it uses a set of alternating end words–in this case three–with the pattern illustrated below.

Here’s the end word pattern of a tritina:





The final line contains all three end words (in any order).


Still going strong in the OctPoWriMo Challenge and now part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge!


5 thoughts on “#OctPoWriMo 14 – Machines

  1. I liked this one very much. I’ve never tried a tritina, so I’m glad you gave the explanation of how they are put together. The subject of machines taking over is a too real possibility!

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