#OctPoWriMo 12 – The Owl

The Owl


Taking a refreshing breath
The vigorous long walk ending
I perch upon a strategic bench
And stared into the forest blending

The birds chirped along merrily
Not a hint of danger around
Two squirrels started a fur-tearing squabble
Near twenty feet above the ground

I peered about, breathing in the air
Ripe with decay and floral scents
When my eye spied upon the branches there
A figure of calm and peaceful countenance

His barred back toward me
He was difficult to spy
Until his head turned round
And he cast me soul-piercing eye

The black round eyes framed
By tawny and brown feathered rings
Stared curiously down at me
Was he wondering “What is that thing?”

I cracked an excited and elated grin
My luck I could not believe
To spy so elusive a nocturnal creature
In broad daylight instead of the eve

We watched each other silently
For around a half an hour
When a noisy family of four passed by
We each shot them an annoyed glower

At last, I forced myself to depart
To leave the owl to his own device
This once in a lifetime event is cherished
I doubt it will happen twice










Photo Credit: http://kratzmark.com/wp/tag/baow-barred-owl/


Ultimate Blog Challenge and OctPoWriMo


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