#OctPoWriMo 11 – Grandmother Spider

The Poem:

Grandmother Spider


Upon the hallowed ground
Where lie the shells of our ancestors
Within a burrow two inches round
Crouches the guardian Grandmother Spider


Dare not disturb the resting place
Where spirits of old and child alike
Reside upon the prairie space
Watched over by Grandmother Spider


The young spirits gather round your burrow
To listen to tales of the great beginnings
They know not a breath of sorrow
In the web of Grandmother Spider


Watch over my child as she sleeps here
Let your stories erase the pain of life
In my heart I hold a place dear
For the wisdom of Grandmother Spider



The Story: The first time we visited my infant daughter’s grave site after the memorial stone was placed, it was early spring. The weather was just beginning to warm, the grass was plumping up in green shoots, and the insects were gathering around the water sources to procreate. Two feet to the west of the stone, there was a sizeable hole in the ground, a leftover tunnel from some burrowing rodent that had since been evicted. At first, I didn’t notice the new resident, then I realized that four prickly, jointed legs protruded just above the lip of the entrance. Black bead-like eyes peered out over hairy mandibles. This was a Carolina Wolf Spider, a large spider not much unlike a tarantula, which is what I thought it was a first. Later identification research revealed its true identity. It is not a common spider in our state, but she had found a home in this rural, small town cemetery–a place rarely disturbed.

Grandmother Spider, according to the animal spirit guides, can be a symbol of creativity and of destiny, for she creates an intricate web of life. She connects all things and provides wisdom and protection, particularly for the young. Seeing this creature dwelling so close to the fairly new grave gave us a reassurance that, wherever a spirit goes after leaving this world, the spider is there to protect it.


Warning: Spider photo below



carolina wolf spider








Photo Credit: http://blueghostpost.blogspot.com/2010/06/south-carolinas-hogna.html


Ultimate Blog Challenge and OctPoWriMo


2 thoughts on “#OctPoWriMo 11 – Grandmother Spider

  1. Loved this about the Grandmother Spider. I never knew the spider connection as you mentioned from the Spirit Guides. I have a thing about spiders…love them! (great picture by the way). We have wolf spiders all over down here in TX. inside and out of the house. I scoop them up and set them free if I find one in here. And I would like to say that is a beautiful remembrance of seeing the spider at the edge of your infan’ts grave. My condolences for that precious life. I, too, lost my firstborn, and know how hard it can be. xo

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