Tag-You’re It – WIP Blog Tour

Fractal3Not long ago, I posted about my WIP Drinking the Wine, Book Two in the Stormflies Series. With that work now in Beta reading mode for a few weeks, I’ve moved on to sketching out a few other possible works.  NaNoWriMo starts is just over a month, and I want to be ready to plow through 50,000 on one of these subjects.

1. Romance + Ghost Story: Not sure if it fits as a paranormal romance, since the ghost and the leading lady won’t be getting together. A couple stays at a haunted bed and breakfast for a night, only to have the car smashed by a falling tree during a nighttime storm. I might toy with a light marriage humor with this ghost.

2. Middle Grade Fantasy: My son is full of ideas and has told me all about a collection of powerful gems protected by the Universe Tree. Thieves want to steal the gems, so the precious stones are shipped to different corners of the galaxy along with warriors to protect them. It’s the descendents of those warriors that are called forth a century later to  fight the thieves. I have to take his excited adolescent ramblings and piece together something that makes sense.

3. Faery Tales: Separate tales of different faery communities and how they interact (or don’t) with human kind. Featherfoot, Dawndancer, Windyeye and other faeries will be the focus of this collection of short vignettes.

4. Prequel: The Journey is intended to be an epic tale of how humans came to the new world they named Bona Dea and how they made the decisions that led to their way of life. (Leading up to Pouring the Cup). This could possible be two books in and of itself.


I was tagged by JM Northup

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