Coffee Brain

CoffeeArtAt times, my mind is so overrun with snippets of thoughts, I don’t have a chance to flesh one idea out before the next one is encroaching upon my attention. I’m certain a lack of restful sleep contributes to today’s lack of mental cohesion. So I will use this virtual real estate (is that an oxymoron?) to express them.

But first, we start off with words of wisdom from my three-year-old daughter, for I find that the young, untainted by the grim, grudging society, often speak words of truth without even realizing how wise they truly are.

One of MacKinnon’s favorite activities is taking the dust jacket from one of many hardbound books on the shelves in our bedroom and stating “This is my spellbook.” She carries the book with her and pretends to read its magic, speaking in incoherent gibberish while the book rests on a music stand and she perches on a blue plastic stool. The most recent spellbook is The 21 Balloons, Copyright 1947. I decided to read the book to her, and we made it through the first chapter before bedtime. Tucking her into bed and giving her a kiss, she stopped me to say, with utter seriousness, “Mom, I told you four times don’t read from the spellbook. It’s very powerful. And it’s very dangerous.” “Yes,” I agreed. “Books contain very powerful magic. Reading them gives us the power.” “I don’t want you to read it, Mom. It’s dangerous.” She won’t remember those words when she’s older. At some point, she’ll forget that books are magical and powerful and she’ll toss them aside for something else.


And now for the truly random:

I am not a coffee drinker normally, yet I am consuming my third cup this week (shocking!). There is an optimal temperature at which I can consume my concoction of hazelnut-flavored coffee, non-dairy creamer, and raw sugar. Too hot, I burn my mouth; too cold, blech. The optimal temperature lasts for about five minutes. I need someone to invent a self-heating, light weight coffee mug with temperature adjustment to keep my coffee just right for 90 minutes, about the length of time it takes me to consume the entire cup. The aftermath, if you don’t know for someone who doesn’t drink caffeine of any sort on a regular basis, is a wide-eyes, twitchy-digit woman running her mouth off at a mile-a-minute.

I have five faery names circling in my head that would make a wonderful collection of stories. Currently, I have no idea what the plots might be, but a new design source book I received in a package lends itself to all the description for clothes and furniture. I seem to be stuck on the titles for stories and vague single scene floating in my head, but no further substance. I need to find a wealthy, generous benefactor to pay me a yearly salary to sit around and write all-day.

I wonder if putting a half-naked woman on the cover of my next book will sell more copies.

When other people do stupid things, do they even realize it? I am completely aware if I have just committed a sinfully stupid act, face-palm, then move on and vow not to do it again. I wonder if other people do the same thing. My guess is that some do not even know – it’s completely normal for them.

This morning’s rain was so refreshing, even if it meant I was awake at 4 am. It was really pounding outside, and I think there was even small hail. I could have used that extra time to write, I suppose, but there was the whole idea that I might get back to sleep. This was a complete folly. There was to be no more sleeping until, of course, it was time for the alarm to sound.

I really want to see The Boxtrolls. I’ve been waiting an entire year for that movie to come out. I only get to see about one movie a year in the theatre – I should go see this one.

Why I’m I feeling so hot? And then, if I take my scarf off, I feel cold. I’m not feverish, but my body temperature is all over the spectrum from one minute to the next. I think it’s still too early for menopause, though I certainly wouldn’t mind reaching that a little early. I am finished with my uterus.

Those four bags of clothes need to find a new home other than my trunk. I could barely fit the groceries in there on Sunday. Would help if I remembered that other than when I need to get into the trunk.

I’ve had my ear buds in for the last ten minutes and I’m not actually listening to anything.



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