7-7-7 Challenge

photoI find many challenges out there on the blog waves to be very interesting, and many are very useful in getting the creative juices flowing.  This one will give the readers of Pouring the Cup, my first novel, a little taste of what is coming up in the second book.

Recently, Pouring the Cup was on sale, and the results were wonderful. Currently, the novel is $2.99 for the Kindle Edition. The title is now published by Creativia. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the  authors under this publishing umbrella through social media, and hope for many wonderful things to come in the future.

Book Two is getting close to the Beta Reader stage and I hope to have it published before the end of 2014.

In essence, the challenge dictates:  On your Work In Progress, go to page 7, chose the 7th line, and post 7 lines.

From Drinking the Wine:

“That sounds like an excellent game,” Quinn chirped with a broad grin on his round, sun-starved face. He had allowed his thinning cap of blonde hair to lengthen over the winter months, and the thin locks lay feathered back from his brow. “Let’s go around the table and tell everyone something we’d like to accomplish this year, no matter how small. I’ll go first.” Interlacing his fingers with Axandra’s, he made no qualms about looking her in the eyes and announcing, “I want to make this woman the happiest possible by marrying her and lifting her up every day that I see her.”

“Is that a proposal?” Marta gasped with surprise.

“No,” Axandra shook her head sheepishly, her cheeks blazing crimson at her lover’s open broadcast. “I already asked him and he said yes,” she revealed.


Thanks to knrwrites for the idea.  I wasn’t tagged by anyone for the challenge.


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