Five Star Review from C.M. Lance

I found this review about my novel Pouring the Cup on Goodreads today and I’m very excited to share it!


C.M. Lance wrote:

Good character development. Well done conflict. Good emotional romance without falling back on the crutch of explicit sex scenes. Refreshingly, in this age of self-publishing, this book is very well edited.

I’m a long time fan of science fiction. E. Love develops a believable story of the results of human emigration from a devastated Earth long after they arrive on their new world. The new world-capable of sustaining human life-is capable of developing it’s own life. This book has a new twist on that story that I haven’t seen before. While humankind is more than capable of developing enough internal conflict, this book takes it up a level.

She leaves a lot of room in the story for a sequel and I hope it is in the works.


Thank you, C.M.!  I appreciate your feedback.

And, yes, Book Two is in the works. I’ll keep you posted.

Find Pouring the Cup at,, or



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