“Through a Window” Available Today!

Do you love the little taste of literature you find in a short story? A quick fix to your reading urge wrapped up in a tight, neat package?

Through a Window will take you on five amazing journeys from Earth’s future to worlds far away and long ago. The topics are both poignant and timeless.

Through a Window Book Cover
Through a Window Book Cover

Each story is accompanied by an illustration drawn by the author, as well as an introduction giving you insight into the conception and creation of each work.

You will enjoy the following titles:

  • Far Seer – Two inhabited worlds share a close mutual orbit. Each species is unaware of the other until the more advanced race leaps across space on a mission of exploration. Author Edward Bryant had this to say about the story: ” . . . a more traditional variety of classic science fictional theme, but executed with obvious affection and a touch of freshness.”
  • Through a Window – The title piece explores the relationship between three unlikely beings on an unlikely world.
  • Nearly Perfect – While Azure and Spencer wait to be granted license to conceive, Azure struggles with the concept of perfection, both in herself and in her society.
  • Zana’s Heart – When darkness threatens a kingdom that knows only light, the last Shadowreader must confront the man who plans to bring about the end of an Age.
  • The Last Egg – A race of hybrid avian-mammals believes they were created to unite the other species of their world. Follow the life of an acolyte on her path to faith.

This volume is available at Amazon.com in paperback for $6.59 and for Kindle for $1.00. Other ebook formats are available through Smashwords.com ($0.99).

If you would like to purchase an autographed copy, please complete the form below and I will contact you through email to complete the sale.  Paypal accepted. Credit Cards accepted through Square Market.



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