Absentee – or Life Happens While We’re Making Other Plans

My, how the weeks sneak by in a rush! It’s been over two weeks since I paid much attention to my blog or its adjacent pages.  I apologize for being remiss. In that time, I’ve fought off two nasty colds, comforted a two-year-old with an ear infection, worked from home while the babysitter was sick, ran off to Disney World for a brief vacation with the kids, and am back home again trying to remember what it was I was doing before I left while recovering from the second germ-incited bout.

While I’ve been “absent,” my Twitter following has exploded.  I have over 800 followers now, mostly fellow authors and readers, as well as artists and musicians. I have begun reading Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Leguin, but I haven’t finished either just yet.  I’ve done some sewing, trying to flesh out a project to create hand-sewn sunflowers I hope to sell in the future. I started a couple of new short stories, and I’ve finished editing my first collection of short stories for distribution starting next Monday.

As for a brief recap of the Disney journey, the kids and I tagged along on my husband’s working trip as a high school band director taking the band for a performance and enjoying the parks. My little one and I flew out, while my son rode on the 24-hour bus trip. Both children had an excellent time. The little one collected the autographs of her favorite princesses and characters, while my older son enjoyed the roller coasters and simulators. Other than one rainy day, the weather was temperate and sunny, the lines for most rides were short, and everyone had something to do.

The trip was exhausting, and I rightly took an extra day off from the office to recuperate.

Now I’m settling back into the routine.

Hand-sewn Sunflower Prototype
Hand-sewn Sunflower Prototype

Forward we go!


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