Looking for Inspiration 1

Where do artists find inspiration?  Where do we look? What do we touch? Who do we listen to? Whatever the art form, the art is more than the medium in which it is created, and therefore must come from all sources and appeal to all senses.

When I am seeking inspiration for writing, I often find myself digging into other projects.  Like many creative types, I’m not creative in one mode only. I love to write and see that as my main art, but I also love to draw and paint, craft and build.  I’ve scrapbooked (though I’m significantly behind on that at this point). I’ve crocheted and cross-stitched. I can play piano and French Horn.

Currently, I’m designing a pattern for fabric ornaments of sunflowers that I hope to produce and sell to help raise money for our local Children’s Mercy Hospital (a place I’ve deemed the most awesome place you never want to have to visit). A prototype is on the card table half finished. In my head I’m imagining the perfect cover for my next book, as well as a new cover for my first book.

I watched Dark Matters this morning on Science Channel, learning that actress Hedy Lamar was the inventor of Frequency Hopping, and that the physician who invented the frontal lobotomy was shot eight times by a mental patient. Both of these are interesting stories that will sit in the back of my mind for a while.  I’ve been reading Dracula for the last week and have ideas for vampire stories, which I don’t normally write, and thoughts on using the same style of journal entries and letters as a mode for a particular story I’ve been trying to complete.

The sky outside is silver, a thin layer of clouds illuminated by the sun from behind to blinding brightness. A rusty red car rumbles past the house on the main drag. Newer cars slip by without a sound, just a flash. Maybe a poem this evening?

Or maybe some old fashioned Gilligan’s Island.gilligan_6


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