Rave Reviews Book Club

I recently became aware through a Twitter feed that there is an on-line book club known as Rave Reviews looking to increase their membership each month in 2014.  This book club will help support indie authors everywhere. And it’s free to join.

To get a full feel of the what the book club expects, requires and provides, visit their FAQ.

A quick rundown:

To retain Membership: Complete a minimum of 4 book reviews per year (2 of those should come from the book club’s  “Our Book Club is Currently Reading” selections);  promote the work of others as you would have them do for you, and encourage others to join the club as we are stronger in greater numbers.

The book club meets: Every 8 weeks (or as close to it as possible), in a virtual chat session setting. (Virtual location TBA in our weekly Newsletter a week before the meeting).  Here are the meeting dates for 2014:  Feb 22, April 19, June 14, August 16, Oct. 11 & Dec 6.

The books are selected: Every two (2) months in advance of our meetings.

I’ve just joined up myself, and I’m looking forward to getting the first book and giving it a good read, as soon as I’ve finished Dracula for my on-line class.  My goal of reading more this year is well underway!

rave reviews


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