Shameless Self-Promotion

After all, if I don’t promote myself first, who will?

CreateStoreMy science fiction novel Pouring the Cup has been out on since November.  I have now added this title to in all ebook formats so that more people can enjoy it in their favorite ereader! (Follow the links for each site directly the to the book’s page – the links open in a new window.)  Print and ebook are available on demand.  You get over 270 pages (109, 000 words) of handcrafted word-smithing for as low as $5.99.

Those who have already read the book have commented, “I can’t believe you’re making us wait a year for the second book!”  or  “I’m loving it!”  or “It’s refreshing to see a utopia instead of a dystopia.”  These readers want others to enjoy the story and are passing the word along to their friends.

Besides the official description listed on these sites, you might want to know more about the idea behind the book and who should read it.  I would, of course, say that EVERYONE should read it, but that’s just too broad a category.  I will say that if you like any of the following, you will enjoy this book:

a sense of community
an imperfect female protagonist
speculative fiction
a sweet romance
Ursula K. LeGuin
Brave New World

And I’ll throw in Star Trek.  While this is not a work of fan fiction in the Star Trek universe, the idea of a world where bettering yourself is more important than money is shared.

I started writing this story back in high school, and it looked a lot different back then. Through several transformations, I’ve molded the original into something meaningful and enjoyable. I’ve created a utopia around the simple set of rules  that are designed to make the people stronger, happier and healthier, as long as they do their part in ensuring the same for everyone else in the community. Of course, as human beings, no one is perfect, not even the divine Protectress. Axandra may be the Heir to a highly respected office, but she knows that the job is not an easy one. She’d rather be sitting on a beach with her toes in the water.

In other posts on this blog (How Quinn Knew He Was In Love With Axandra and Character Backstories), I’ve given peeks into scenes removed from the finished product, not because they were poorly written, but because a book can only contain so many words before it becomes a behemoth. Book Two will carry the story further forward, resolving some open issues, and opening up some new ones.  Will there be a third? Quite possibly.

If you want to learn more, feel free to post your question as a comment or fill out the contact form below. I’ll answer just about anything.  Take a look at the book samples on-line. I’ve set a reasonable price, so buy your copy now.

RANT:  Out of respect for my hard work, and that of so many other writers, musicians, and artists, I am not giving this book away for free to the public. I know many people see the art world as something that should be given to everyone for free (and in my book people get just that!). But all artists need the same basics as everyone else – food, shelter, and the internet. Help me continue to perfect my craft by buying a copy of this book and others by independent authors.  Thank you!


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