being 39

being 39

-means wearing boxers to bed in the winter because at 2 am I will be drenched in sweat if I wear warm clothes

-means having a 2 year old now is both harder and easier than it was 7 years ago

-means that I am wiser and more experienced and people are willing to listen to the what I have to say

-means I earned every white hair (replacing those red and brown hairs) and I’m going to keep them

-means my very liberal views are slightly more conservative than they used to be

-does not mean I’m a Republican

-means I remember 29, when I was pregnant for the first time-now my son is turning 10

-means I remember 19 and being out of my parents house and on my own

-means I don’t remember 9 very well anymore

-means I appreciate good wine and good food

-means clothes that fit 5 years ago don’t fit any more (and yes I do keep my clothes that long)

-does not mean I’m going to participate in any marathons or races (I still believe running is reserved for fleeing danger, not for fun)

-does not mean I’m going to give up playing games, acting silly, or wearing my hair in braids when it’s long

-means the cats I adopted 18 years ago before I was married are old spinsters and are passing on

-means I have a hard time listening to new types of music from new artists, unless they sound a lot like something already in my library (which happens to be pretty immense and eclectic, so this is actually a very small percentage of new artists)

-does not mean I’m any more worried about dying than I was before, I just understand that the inevitable is closer and I’d better get a few things done


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