Frozen Kansas

January 6th 2014

At a current temperature of 0 degree F with a -19 windchill in DeSoto, Kansas, Noon CT

It is colder in Kansas than in

Antartica (it’s summer there)

Juneau, Alaska (36 degrees, no windchill). Most of the state of Alaska is warmer than Kansas.

Reykjavik, Iceland (32 degrees, windchill 26)

Gamvik, Norway (that’s the northern most point of Norway) 34 degrees, windchill 23

The North Pole – According to today’s weather forecast for the North Pole, it is 5 degree F with a windchill of -4 and a high of 27 for today. The sun doesn’t even come up in the North Pole this time of year.

Places where it IS colder:

Yellowknife, Canada  -13 degrees, windchill -33)

Barrow, Alaska  -3 degrees, windchill -29)

Eureka, Cananda (latitude 79 degrees 59’ 20” N) -35 degrees, no windchill.

There is a currently a wedge of frozen artic air pushing down into the center of North America, leaving a lovely fringe of warmer temperatures on either coast. It is warmer and Maine than in Kansas.

We all decided to stay home today, an even in the house is chilly with the fireplace going and the heater on. My sock are chilly through my socks, but my computer is keeping my lap warm while I work from home.


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