Who is Elizabeth N. Love

NOW THAT I’ve been writing blogs for the last few of weeks, I realized I never really introduced myself properly. Some may be wondering who I am and what I’m all about. Most people know the task of bragging about oneself seems pretentious, and the thought of attempting to sum up a personality in a few hundred words feels daunting.

As a quick overview, I am a middle-aged woman with two children, a husband, a house, a car, and a cat. I work a full-time job, but I do not identify myself by the job that pays. I identify myself as a writer and author who happens to get paid doing something else. I play French horn and piano. I bake homemade goods and I turn up my nose at most pastries that come from a box or a store. I dress in sensible clothes and I wear sensible shoes – no high heels for ankle breaking or mules to kick off my foot with every step. I love chocolate in many forms.  I am a humanist, and I believe every human is free to love who they want to love and believe what they want to believe, and no one has the authority to take away what it means to be human.

Mom and Kids 2013
Mom and Kids 2013

I love to write. I love to write so much that at times the act is obsessive, blocking out all other needs an obligations. Before children, I could sit and write for hours on end, music playing in the background, and churn out pages each day of possibilities.  With children, I am interrupted frequently by the requirement to play with them and feed them and answer their questions about how the world works.  I write short stories involving strange species on distant worlds, contrasting and comparing the worldviews of aliens with those of the human race. If you have wings and lay eggs, how is your religion different from humans? If you live on a world inside a stellar dust cloud, do you wonder if anything exists beyond?

My creativity is not limited to writing, but appears in drawings, paintings, and music as well. If I had all the time in the world everyday, I would be able to practice creativity in all directions at once, but alas, I must limit my productivity within a few hours of juggling everything else.

Over the years of writing, I also have created a novel, which I published in November of 2013 entitled Pouring the Cup. The finished publication is the culmination of years of life experience and learning how I think and believe. It is the fourth iteration of characters I created in high school. The novel examines a colony of human beings who believe they are the last of the human race, escaping Earth before the Great Collapse, when the environment and the economy degraded far below that necessary for survival. In fact, they create for themselves a utopia free of discrimination, free of crime, and a place to feel safe and secure in whatever they wish to believe. Of course, every utopia faces a threat now and then.

In the future, I hope to add to my published works. There are still dozens of stories locked up inside my head, and hundreds I’ve already written down, some wonderful and fulfilling like a perfect snowflake, many terrible and misshapen with innate defects.


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